Save Money On Prescription Drugs

December 21, 2014 Posted by como

Many families who are either uninsured or under-insured face high
prescription drug costs. With so many uninsured and under-insured
people in the United States and the high cost of prescription drugs, you
hear stories about people who have to make a decision about whether to
pay for their groceries or their prescription medications. You also hear
of people who cut their pills in half because they cannot afford their
medications. Unfortunately, patients taking multiple medications or
receiving treatment for conditions like Cancer, HIV-AIDS, Multiple
Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and other serious illnesses may face
hundreds and even thousands of dollars in prescription costs each month.

Patient Assistance Programs also
known as prescription advocacy programs have been in the media
recently. These programs are offered by the pharmaceutical industry to
assist low income people who do not have prescription drug coverage.
These programs have been in existence for the past 15-20 years; however,
few people know about them. To qualify you must meet certain income
requirements-generally 2 times the Federal poverty level with certain
allowances for hardship cases. For more information begin your search by
entering “prescription advocacy programs” or “patient assistance
programs” into an internet search engine.

The Top Three Reasons For Prescription Deaths

December 17, 2014 Posted by como

The lethal danger of prescription drugs in all sorts of settings
and situations seems to fly under the radar a bit. If you asked a lot of
people on the street what one of the leading causes of accidental death
was in the US was they would likely guess car crashes or guns. Death by
prescription drug is likely not an answer on the tips of most people’s

But the reality is that prescription drugs, especially
opioid painkillers like Oxycontin, are one of the leading causes of
accidental death in the US, according to statistics compiled by the U.S.
Center for Disease Control (CDC). According to the CDC, someone in the
U.S. dies of an overdose every nineteen minutes, and 28,754 Americans
die annually due to drug overdose. More than half of those overdose
deaths involved prescription painkillers. Faced with these numbers, many
experts have come to agree that there is a prescription drug epidemic
in this country that shows no sign of slowing down. These overdoses,
some experts suggest, are usually the result of one of the following
three situations.

Curb Drug Abuse With Drug Test For Nicotine

December 16, 2014 Posted by como

There are thousands of people who have become addicted to
various. Drug abuse has become a major area of concern, for not only
relatives of the abusers, but also for our society and government.
People who are drug abusers will go to any length in order to buy, and
in the process they neglect the welfare and health of their children and
family. Another big danger is that children are put at risk when
illicit drugs, like methamphetamine, are produced in their homes by
parents. Inhaling fumes and gases from the hazardous chemicals used in
making these drugs can cause major health problems for these children.

There has to be a way to halt the abuse of, and prevention is always
better than a cure. This adage holds strong in fighting drug abuse too.
Public education campaigns and stricter laws regarding the purchase and
use of legal substances are some measures that have been adopted by
states in the US to combat this social evil. Many States have created
coalitions of community and business leaders to address the growing
problem of substance abuse. To overcome this serious problem, these
groups run community-based programs that provide mentoring, tutoring,
alternative activities, and life skills development for youth in
drug-impacted neighborhoods. The cost to society due to drug addiction
is colossal, because the likelihood of employment-related accidents is
very high when employees begin abusing drugs. Moreover, employees who
are drug abusers tend to pilfer materials, cash, and products in order
to buy drugs. The cost on society rises further when you take into
consideration that there is less cooperation, low productivity,
absenteeism, by using employees, while employers have to give higher
insurance and medical payouts. Schools, colleges, companies and other
organizations are opting for bought online, six panel tests, and for
nicotine to find the abusers. can help prevent further use of drugs by
the abusers. will enable you to find the drug abuser and take immediate
steps so that the abuser does not become addicted again. If you want to
opt for online drug test, six panel drug test, or for nicotine for your
employees, students, or anyone you are responsible for, you can log on
to a trusted online store. There you can find a wide range of kits,
Panel Test,

Adulterant Test, Cheap Test, Hair Drug Test,
Pregnancy Tests, Home, and more at competitive prices. With these tests,
you can curb drug abuse and enhance discipline, concentration, and

Using Drug Discount Card to Save Money

December 14, 2014 Posted by como

Millions of Americans end up spending a lot of money on prescription
drugs, as they don’t have a health insurance or the organization they
work with do not provide their employees with a medical insurance that
would cover up the cost of prescription drugs. If one notes, a person
who is not able to spend more on his medications are charged the most.
Many people in the fear of spending a lot of money, skip either their
dosages or totally avoid their medication. There is also an increase in
the price of drugs, which has worsened the scenario comparatively, and
moreover, many drugs are not under insurance cover, so people who have
insurance struggle at times.

People who don’t have insurance or whose insurance doesn’t cover the
cost of certain medications needn’t worry about spending much, as there
are drug discount cards available free of cost. These are special cards
that are issued to American citizens with a good notion to help them
save a great deal of money! In verity, these cards are so useful that
they provide discount on most of the drugs recommended by FDA (Food and
Drug Administration). For example, sexual potency medications, smoking
termination medications, diabetes medications and much more are usually
not covered under a general medical insurance plan, but can be covered
under drug discount cards.

Countless number of people need
expensive medications and insurance companies don’t even allow people
who have pre-existing conditions to take up insurance or some companies
offer it, but are very costly. But, drug discount cards play an
important role in such circumstances and can offer up to 85% savings on
generic as well as prescription medications. These cards are a boon to
all the members of the family and everyone can use it.

Will Drug Rehab Demand Be Reduced By New Software

December 13, 2014 Posted by como

A new computer program designed to reduce prescription drug
errors has been giving the thumbs up by doctors in Michigan, and not a
moment too soon. The majority of deaths from prescription drugs or trips
to the ER due to prescription drug-related incidents were, one way or
another, taking the drugs in error. This software could save many lives,
and lower admissions to detox and drug rehab in Michigan.

What are the errors being made that are causing all the trouble?