Important Things to Remember When Choosing And Using Canadian Prescription Drugs

March 29, 2015 Posted by como

Whenever you are considering purchasing prescription drugs
online from any Canada pharmacy, you want to determine if they are if
they are one of the trusted pharmacies online. Typically, an online
Canadian pharmacy must be approved and recognized by the Canadian
Pharmacy Association (CIPA) as a trusted internet business. There are a
number of “pharmacy checkers” listed on the internet that you can use to
investigate any of the pharmacies that you are considering purchasing
your prescription meds from.

Typically, these pharmacy checkers are independent
businesses and offer you peace of mind about the reputability of the
online Canadian pharmacy you are considering doing business with. Here
are a few things to consider where this is concerned:

- Most of
these websites require a fee from the Canadian online pharmacy should
that company want them to evaluate them and include them in the roster
of trusted pharmacies online.

How to Handle Through The Dangers of Prescription Drug Misuse

March 23, 2015 Posted by como

Amongst the leading problems we now cope with in the
industrial world is the acceptance of dependence to prescription drugs.
It is much too easy for people obtain a prescription and head to the
pharmacy or maybe to phone it in to their medical doctor’s office.

Physicians regularly complain and believe that their
patients regularly look to the drug to solve their lifestyle problems
but the reality is that many physicians routinely give out the
prescriptions to avoid wasting time. What typically transpires whenever a
patient begins to request for more medication; is it red flagged? In a
perfect world, that action is instantly reported and handled by the
medical doctor. But we do not exist in an ideal world so the issue waits
until the next review. Quite often, the patient is permitted 12 repeat
prescriptions before they must arrange with the physician for a follow
up consultation.

The main indication of drug addiction is an
increased tolerance to the drug, so that the user needs an increased
amount to get the same effects they were used to. Far more and extremely
of the drug is required, and four times is not uncommon. This leads to
many problems, not the least of which can be that it becomes difficult
to regulate the indication for which the medication was being taken in
the first place. For instance,, it becomes increasingly difficult to
control pain.

Prescription Drug Abuse and Pill Withdrawal

March 19, 2015 Posted by como

Prescription Drug Abuse, or pill addiction as it is commonly
called, and, ultimately, ‘pill withdrawal’ have been with us since
doctors began prescribing drugs, but has become more widespread since
the advent of the ‘repeat prescription’ or ‘refill’, whereby patients
can have a prescription renewed without having to visit their doctor.
This can be as simple for many people as visiting a pharmacy and filling
out a form giving their name, address and the drug they want. This is
then returned to the surgery for the doctor to countersign. The problem
is that these can often be signed as routine, rather than consideration
being given to the need, and so facilitating prescription drug abuse.

a certain patient begins to request repeats more often, would this be
noticed? Theoretically it should, but in practice it is frequently not.
Not, that is, until the next review. Frequently, twelve repeats are
allowed before the patient must again speak to the doctor personally to
review the treatment. Prescription drug abuse, and resultant pill
withdrawal symptoms, are generally overlooked by the medical profession.

Long Term Drug Rehab Treatement

March 16, 2015 Posted by como

can see every other person in our society using drugs to escape
emotional and physical discomfort. Some can be heard advocating their
alcoholism as to numb feelings of depression.May be some started smoking
to deal with the problems at school, home or offices. While others may
be started using cocaine to raise their energy and confidence level,
taking sleeping pills to deal with the panic attacks or having
prescription pain killers to relieve a physical pain.

they are addicted to the alcohol, cocaine or anything else, the effect
of the drug on the brain is the same. When the addiction sets in, there
is a carving to use the drug that is so powerful that obtaining and
taking the drug to get ‘high’ becomes more important than anything else
in the life.

Drug rehab is a process that is specially designed
to provide treatment in a safe and drug free environment where a former
drug addicted is educated about drugs taught how to get out of this
whole mess and how to be stay clean further.

Continuing The Fight Against The Illegal Online Drug Trade

March 14, 2015 Posted by como

In a recent news release out of Portland, OR, it was noted
that the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is doing very little
about identifying and ceasing the operations of rogue online pharmacies.
There are more than 1,000 of these websites that are continuing to sell
addictive medications without a valid prescription.

Two years ago the Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy
Consumer Protection Act was passed. This was in response to the death of
an 18 yr. old boy who purchased Vicodin and Xanax over the internet
without a valid prescription. The severe consequence of this breach of
ethical behavior by online pharmacies gave the DEA enhanced authority to
wage a battle against the illegal online pharmaceutical trade.

as of late 2010, the DEA had yet to file any cases under the Ryan
Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act. It appears that only a
couple of cases have been filed to date. According to a senior DEA
official, “the Internet is (no longer) as big of a problem”…and that
“(the DEA) has not found many Internet pharmacies selling controlled
substances.” Is this just another case of bureaucrats ignoring the 8 ton
elephant in the center of the room? Why is it that an independent
monitoring entity, such as LegitScript, can identify 1,000 rouge
internet pharmacies operating illegally, and the DEA can’t seem to find
many? As the DEA sits on its hands, these rogue internet pharmacies
continue to promote, sell and distribute controlled substances without
valid prescriptions. Consumers in the US are purchasing these illegal
and dangerous drugs over the internet without having some basic
assurances, such as: